Lizzy’s Fund

Lizzy’s Fund was established to provide veterinary care and grooming for older dogs coming to the shelter. The fund also underwrites the adoption fee for qualified owners choosing to adopt a senior dog (7 years and older).

Proceeds from Sophie… best friends are forever, benefits Lizzy’s Fund.

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Dr. Erin O’Connor

AVCA Animal Chiropractor & ACAN Carnivore Nutrition Consultant

Providing chiropractic care to dogs, cats, exotics, and wildlife as well as raw feeding nutritional guidance for dogs, cats, and ferrets.

Vitality Chiropractic Center & Roaring For Raw

768 Shoreline Dr., Aurora, IL 60504


Dr. Vivian Grant


Providing Eastern medicine such as acupuncture, veterinary homeopathy, Chinese herbs as well as traditional Western medicine.

Autumn Green Animal Hospital

39W124 Keslinger Rd., Geneva, IL 60134